Ampreg 3X Slow Hardener, 4,68 KG

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Dette er Slow herder til Ampreg 30 Resin - 18KG spann. Se teknisk datablad under

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¬ Same 100:26 resin to hardener mix ratio by weight across range of hardener speeds
¬ Low initial mixed viscosity & good cure progression from ambient only cures
¬ Tough resin matrix giving good laminate mechanical properties
¬ Lloyds Register & DNV-GL certifications in progress
¬ Low Toxicity Hardener Formulations

Ampreg 30 has been optimised for the manufacture of large composite structures using hand layup and vacuum bagging techniques whilst offering improved health and safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials.
The relatively low initial mixed viscosity of Ampreg 30 allows easy wetout of heavyweight reinforcements. Ampreg 30 has been designed to give excellent mechanical and thermal properties from both ambient temperature cures, and moderate temperature postcures (50°C). This system is available with a range of hardener speeds, from Fast to Extra Slow and in a wide range of formats from small pack sizes to drums and IBCs


Ampreg 30

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