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SP 115 er et ultraklart epoxy-lamineringssystem med lav viskositet. Den er spesialdesignet for bruk på glassfiber treverk som ikke skal viderebehandles, i utgangspunktet surfebrett. SP 115 har et UV-filter som gir en karakteristisk transparant svak fiolet

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SP 115 is a low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy laminating system. It has been designed for the manufacture of laminates such as those used in sail and surfboards which are to remain unpainted, and where a very clear finish is required. In this way colourful embedded graphics and attractive fabric weave styles can be kept visible. The material also contains UV filters which give the product its characteristic transparent pale violet/blue colour. These filters both enhance the sharpness of graphics, and, when overcoated with a suitable UV-screening PU varnish, will reduce the tendency of clear laminates to yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The product is particularly suitable for use with glass fibre reinforcements which use fibre sizings optimised for wet-out and laminate clarity, such as RE210D.

SP 115 also exhibits a high degree of toughness and water resistance, enhancing the strength and damage tolerance of the thin laminates typically used in sail and surfboard manufacture. Being completely solvent


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