ebalta Epoxy Resin AH 110 220kg

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ebalta AH 110 is an unfilled epoxy resin with high strength values and high dimensional stability, with appropriate hardeners
even at elevated temperatures. The appropriate hardener is selected depending on the intended use.
AH 110 can be used as a casting resin with powdered fillers such as aluminium powder, as a laminating resin with glass fabrics
and as a binding resin with granular fillers such as aluminium grit.
This resin/hardener mixture has a relatively low viscosity and is able to absorb a lot of powdery fillers. At the same time, good
castability is maintained.
With a high degree of filling, a casting thickness of 60 – 80 mm is possible with the appropriate
This resin/hardener mixture is particularly suitable as a laminating resin because of the almost odourless GL hardener. The GL
hardener has minimal physiological effect.

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